An oversized cel of Utako and Akira being carried to safety by Santa Claus. (Really, I'm not making this up!) As if being on a rope ladder weren't risky enough, they also confess their feelings for one another during this scene. :-)

This is an overized cel that gets used several times during a pan up the length of the ladder. I've picked a screencap in the middle. I'm particularly fond of this cel for how it shows their outfits off.

In case anyone is curious about this "20 Masks" guy--almost all the characters in Clamp Campus Detectives are "borrowed" from other Clamp works. Akira and Utako come from the manga "20 Mensou ni Onegai!" ("Please, 20 Masks!"). 20 Masks is a dashing thief who robs from the rich to please his two mothers (Clamp never goes in for simple relationships).