This is from episode 4. Allen is helping Hitomi up after she has had a disturbing vision. I think Allen is an interesting and cool character, and object to the fact that I think his personality was altered for the worse towards the end of the show. He also has the bonus of having really good hair, allowing him to pull off the Pinocchio nose better than most of the other characters. I have to admit to a certain weakness for guys with swords and poofy sleeves, as well.

This cel is tall.I had to scan it in two pieces, and should really have used four to get Allen's foot and Hitomi's gym bag entirely into the picture. It's one of a sequence of pan cels used as the characters stand up. (If you believe in the circled number on pencil=key cel theory, it's also a key cel. Actually, the circle is more of a triangle--does that indicate that it was drawn by a Minbari animator? :-) ) The wrinkles and horizontal lines are from the bag that I scanned it in.