A key cel of a wild boar and a bunch of villagers, from the episode where Ryoga is telling Ranma the tragic story of what happened to him after falling into the cursed spring.

I got this cel at AX. A couple nights before, I had been re-watching Ranma for the first time in a long while, since a friend was showing it to someone new. Since I like cute animals (you'd never guess from looking at my gallery pages, would you?) I said to her, "boy, it would be cool if I could find a cel of that cute boar...a shame it'll never happen." Then at the con, she pulled me over to one of the smaller cel booths and showed me this cel. Of course, I had to buy it. :-)

That coincidence isn't quite as striking as what happened to me with a Sailor Moon cel. Our anime club is showing Sailor Moon S this year, and we had just seen the episode where someone's vacuum cleaner gets possessed and turns into a villain. Flipping through the huge number of Sailor Moon cels at a dealer's table, I joked to my friend, "yeah, he has a lot of stuff, but I'll bet he doesn't have vacuum-cleaner-woman!" I flipped the page, and the very next cel was her! :-)