A marmoset! A marmoset! At last I have a marmoset cel! :-)

Here the Clamp Campus Detectives have found most of the missing marmosets, but discover that one is still not accounted for. Nokoru offers to go find it. Suoh looks stylish as always, with a marmoset on his shoulder. :-) (Nokoru's mouth layer is one frame off from what it should be, but this is highly unimportant compared to the presence of a marmoset!)

I've always been very fond of marmosets, especially pygmy marmosets. I was also very fond of CCD starting from the first volume. So you can imagine my utter amazement and delight when I first saw episode 22, with its myriad of marvelous monkeys. (Sorry about that. :-P ) They're so tiny! So cute! So friendly! And they even make adorable little squeaky noises. Really, CCD ep. 22 is one of the cutest anime I've ever seen, surpassed only by Totoro, the cutest thing in the universe.

Unfortunately, for some reason (perhaps because of their stunning cuteness) CCD marmoset cels seem very hard to come by. I scoured the net, searched at cons, and begged dealers for a long time before having the great good fortune to be offered this cel. I am extremely grateful to the dealer who sold it to me out of his personal collection, as well as to the other wonderful people who took the time to search for marmosets for me. :-)