Kaoru, Yahiko, Kenshin, and Sano, together in front of the Kamiya Dojo in TV episode 11. The group are wishing Megumi well as she goes off to her new life. (Naturally that's why Sano is looking excessively casual.) :-)

Sigh. I really like this cel of the main characters together, but it does have one problem. The scene shows the group for a while, cuts away, and then returns. As can be seen from the screencaps at left, the Sano layer of this cel is from one part of that sequence, and the other layer of the cel is from the other part. Also, the layers are stuck mis-ordered; Sano should be standing behind rather than in front of Kenshin.

I still like having the group together, though, and am also amused that I've ended up with three cels from this scene. (The others are Megumi and Sano.)