A key cel with matching background from episode 14. The team of Akari, Kris, and Anna are doing badly in the competition, but, more importantly, they're trapped in a falling elevator! Can they come together as a team to escape? Here Kris rallies them together and prepares to throw Akari through the roof of the elevator. I find it interesting that the red emergency lighting in the scene was apparently done with a filter, since the colors of the cel are normal.

Kris is the one character who came out better in the OAVs. There, she is a strong character and natural leader, with an interesting cultural background. In the TV series, I think she comes off as more annoying than spiritual, especially at first, when her attachment to Akari seems much more like a silly crush than any real love or friendship. However, she does seem to mature somewhat in later episodes, and I admired her ability to follow her heart without regrets when she had to make a difficult decision between Akari and her life as a "Beginner". So, in the end, I suppose she earned the right to stand by Itchan (whom I like better) at Akari's side. Gyuubei is also very cute. :-)