This is my only cel from the Battle Athletes OAVs. While the OAVs weren't horrible, I didn't find them to have anything like the depth of character and meaning of the TV series. So, why is my one Lahrri cel an OAV cel? Well, um...she's prettier in the OAVs, and I just happened to run into this cel and liked it. :-) I'm sure I'll pick up some TV Lahrri someday, but so far I haven't found one that seemed just right.

Anyway...I'm going to go ahead and talk about Lahrri from the TV series, because this is my gallery and I can write about whatever I darned well please. (Though probably no one is reading this.) :-) Lahrri and Mylandah strike me in some ways as being a darker version of Jessie and Ayla. One of the pair is strong on the surface but brittle underneath, the other is unemotionally focused on winning. Unfortunately, where Ayla had her coach Sergei Garenstein to suggest to her that there was more to sports than winning, Lahrri had Mr. Miracle telling her that the only way to win was to forget about her friends and everything else. Only in mutual defeat were Lahrri and Mylandah able to rethink things and realize the importance of friendship. (I was very amused by their love/hate relationship from that point on.) :-)