From episode 20. From the moment she is introduced, it's obvious that Mylandah is a little, um, bonkers, with a severe grudge against the world. This cel is from a flashback explaining what put her in that state. Warning, the next paragraph contains SPOILERS.

Mylandah is looking on in shocked horror as Lahrri, her friend and teammate, decides that winning is more important than friendship. She shakes Mr. Miracle's hand and abandons her teammates to their fates. It was a blow that shattered Mylandah's trust in the world in general, and Lahrri in particular, until another shock brought them (more or less) back together.

I'm very fond of this cel. In general I collect Battle Athletes cels much more for the scene than the artwork. This cel is not only from a dramatic scene, it really appeals to me aesthetically. I wish my scanner were better at reds.