Sano vs. Chicken

Many characters in Rurouni Kenshin have perceived some similarity between Sagara Sanosuke's appearance and that of a chicken. Even other hairstyle-challenged characters like Saitoh Hajime (wouldn't his cigarette set those bangs on fire?) and Broomheaded Cho have felt compelled to call Sano "Chicken Head".

Rurouni Kenshin fans have continued in this tradition, making sites with names like The Rooster and the Wolf (a fine Sano/Saitoh shrine).

I think this is uncalled-for. Sano may not be exactly bishounen, but I find him cute for some reason, and he does not look like a chicken! Really. I mean it.

It's time to end the confusion! Below is a handy guide:

Sano Chicken
I'm pretty sure those labels are correct....

Chicken picture courtesy of Ben's Chickens' Picture Gallery, maintained by Nick. Thanks!

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