Page of Pygmy Marmoset Madness

(Screen Captures from Clamp Campus Detectives Episode 22)

The pygmy marmosets have disappeared from Clamp School's Banana Monkey Park! Here are the marmosets on a security monitor right before their disappearance. Kawaii!
Nokoru discovers that the old water system runs under the monkey park. The Clamp School Detectives open the hatch--and out pops a pygmy marmoset!
Followed by his pygmy marmoset friends.
There seem to be enough marmosets for everybody.
But wait! Two monkeys are missing!
Suoh has one...but the other must still be down in the tunnel. Nokoru to the rescue!
The missing marmoset is found hiding among some crates.
But everyone likes Nokoru, so of course he comes out.
The one responsible for opening the trapdoor under the monkeys was hiding in the sewer to confront Nokoru and his little friend.
I guess not everyone likes Nokoru. The monkey thief has closed the tunnel doors, and the water is rising. Can anyone save them in time?
Of course! Suoh and Akira heard the alarms, calculated where Nokoru would be trapped, and opened the hatch. The marmoset is grateful. Once again the Clamp School Detectives have saved the day!

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