A Small Experiment

This was highly unscientific, but I found the results amusing nonetheless. I did an update with nothing but Hotohori, and announced it in the same places as I did my Battle Athletes update. My post titles made it clear that the Battle Athletes update was an entire section, while the Fushigi Yuugi update was a single (much beloved) cel.

I made the announcements around midnight California time, then followed the repsonse for the next 24 hours. The numbers for Hotohori are probably a bit lower than they should be, since Yann unfortunately happened to archive the Animanga Forum around noon that day, cutting off the flow of traffic referred from my announcement there.

Anyway, on to the results:

Battle Athletes--47 visitors, no web forum followups, 3 emails (2 of which referred to the Battle Athletes section).

Hotohori--64 visitors, 2 forum followups, no emails.

So, what great conclusions can be drawn from these results? Don't ask me. One thing they suggest to me is that Battle Athletes is a highly underrated show. If you haven't seen it, give it a try! They also suggest that if I collected cels or maintained my gallery solely to impress my peers, it would be a much better investment of time and money to buy a few cels from popular shows, rather than a bunch of cels from whatever I happened to like. However, that sort of thing has never been my main goal, so my next update is going to be from a show with even fewer fans than Battle Athletes--namely, Clamp Campus Detectives. So there! ;-p

Be that as it may, I'd really like to thank everyone who visited my gallery to see Battle Athletes, Hotohori, or anything else, and especially those who gave me feedback. I know I'd never go to all the trouble of maintaining my gallery without knowing people were looking at it, and getting nice comments just makes my day. :-)

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