Hi! Here's what I've been doing on my page lately. As an aside, I thought I should explain what the little television icons are doing under some of the thumbnails in the gallery. For me, the biggest thrill in cel collecting is the moment when I look up at the screen and realize that I am seeing my cel, and that I really own a piece of a beloved show. So, I always try to find my cels in the shows they come from. The television icon indicates that the detail page you get when you click on the thumbnail has not only a larger scan of the cel and whatever witty commentary :-) I can come up with, but also a screen capture of the cel's actual appearance in the show. The only exceptions are the Clamp Campus Detectives and Battle Athletes cels sections; I have screen captures for all but one or two of those cels, so I didn't bother with the little icons.

Oh yeah, I should probably also mention that if you're curious about the marmosets, you can check out my Wish List for an explanation.

3/1/03 Eep, I missed an entire year! Anyway, my "update" at the moment is that I finally fixed my contact page so that it lists an email address that actually exists. My apologies if anyone has been trying to reach me at the defunct jury@ohtoriacademy.com address.
10/7/01 Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I last worked on the site. Anyway, my Suoh and Nagisa update is now complete. Once again, the second and third pages are temporarily only accessible through this page or from Suoh and Nagisa page 1. Now, on to Nokoru and Idomu!
9/11/01 I meant to do the descriptions for my Suoh and Nagisa update (which is otherwise ready) today, but I haven't had the heart. What a terrible, terrible day...my deepest sympathy to, well, everyone. Except, of course, those responsible, for whom I have only rage.

The sound of jets circling overhead should bring reassurance, but instead they seem somehow ominous....
9/3/01 Finished the Akira and Utako second page. Currently it's only reachable from here or the first page, but that will be fixed when I put the new Clamp Campus Detectives front page in place.
9/2/01 Added the descriptions for the Akira and Utako cels from last night, and did some "behind the scenes" work on the new CCD front page.
9/1/01 And so it begins! The Akira and Utako page has four new cels, and some of its previous occupants have been removed pending relocation. I meant to get both pages of this section done today, but found myself without the font I used for the original section titles, so I'll have to do the rest tomorrow, as well as the descriptions for the new cels.
8/30/01 I'm getting ready to start putting up my new CCD cels, and just finished scanning the oversized ones. This included one of my absolute favorite cels in my collection that has waited a long time for a proper scan without bag lines and such. (The dealer had kindly let me use their scan.) I was so happy to see it in all its glory that I couldn't resist doing a micro-update. So, you can check out my new scan of Suoh and Nagisa (beware large image). I also finally gave Yoshie's mysterious friend her screencap.
7/16/01 Took down my Misao cel (since I sold it). I'll update with a replacement in a bit. Still working on my CCD update....
6/12/01 No actual new cels today, but a cel mystery I have wondered about for a long time has been solved for me. My cel of Oscar and André is now secure in its identity!
5/4/01 Did an update to celebrate the official launch of my new www.marmosets.net gallery location. It's only one cel, but an appropriate one for such a joyously marmoset-ful occasion. ;-)
4/11/01 Finished moving all the pieces of my gallery over to the new server/domain name. I accidentally toasted the descriptions for the Miyuki/Ferret cels and had to reconstitute them.
2/23/01 I just got my very own domain name! (Well, two domain names, actually.) I'm currently in the process of transferring my whole gallery over to the web server they point at, so things may go through periods of not working. Please let me know if you run into any broken links or anything.
2/21/01 So...a little while ago I made a new Battle Athletes section, and updated with 43 new Battle Athletes cels. Many people came to my gallery (thanks!), and I got a couple of nice comments. Around this time my dream cel of Hotohori arrived. :-) In a cynical moment, I thought about the relative popularities of Battle Athletes and Fushigi Yuugi, and wondered if I could get the same amount of traffic and nice comments for an update of one (very nice) Fushigi Yuugi cel as for my whole Battle Athletes section. Since I loved Hotohori so much that I wanted to show him off right away, I figured, what the heck, why not do a little experiment.

Oh, I also have a tiny update...Tamahome got a screencap.
2/20/01 Only updated one cel, but it's something I'm inordinately pleased with. A new Hotohori cel to my Cels From Other Shows Page 3.
2/12/01 Added a new Battle Athletes section. I meant to do this update in honor of last year's Summer Olympics, but, well...it took a bit longer than I intended. :-) If you've never seen Battle Athletes TV, I highly recommend giving it a try. I initially thought it was just some sort of fluff about girls in skimpy outfits playing sports. Not my cup of tea. However, when I actually sat down and watched it, I discovered that it is a sometimes funny, sometimes very serious look at friendship and competition. I found it quite thought-provoking, and its situations applicable to things much more universal than athletic competition. The plot had some surprising twists, I became fond of the characters, and now I'd say it ranks among my all-time favorite shows.

Anyway, enough about the show, now on to the update. Battle Athletes is a show I collect much more for the great scenes and characters than for the artwork, so I've tended to do fairly detailed descriptions. It's also a show with some big surprises up its sleeve. I've tried to mark spoilers wherever possible, but if you don't recognize a cel image, browse with care. Every section except "Others and Groups" is arranged roughly chronologically.

You may notice that the screen captures are pretty bad looking. This is due to some sort of unfortunate interaction between Pioneer's bad encoding, the Apex's bad decoding, and whatever settings I had in Premiere. I think I've got the problem worked out, but it will be a while before I get around to re-doing the caps.
1/7/01 OK, finally got the update done. A new cel and a new screencap from Bastard! and a new Sailor Moon section in Cels from Other Shows.
1/4/01 My first update of the new year! Well, it would be if it were done, anyway...I'll finish it tomorrow night, and in the meantime I apologize for having put up Sailor Moon thumbnails that don't lead anywhere.
10/25/00 A very small update today. In my Kimagure Orange Road section I added a screencap and re-scanned one cel to more accurately reflect its, um, current appearance. ;-) Sadly, I also had the first departure from my gallery; one of my Saitoh cels is going to a new happy home.
10/10/00 I updated my wish list to make it more up to date. Sadly, it didn't get any shorter. ;-)
10/9/00 Hmm, I guess it's been a while since my last update. I'm currently working on a new section and am without a screencapping VCR, but I added a handful of cels that I wasn't likely to have a screencap for anytime soon. The new cels are from Card Captor Sakura, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Patlabor,and Slayers (scroll down to the bottom of the page). I've also been experimenting with a new hosting service, so I'd love feedback if anyone has trouble with slow loading for the large images of these new cels.
6/9/00 OK, it's been a long time between updates, but I'm going to try to get caught up. Today I updated all four subsections of my Rurouni Kenshin page, with cels of Kenshin, Kaoru (firefly scene!), Sano, Megumi, Saitoh, Soujiro, Aoshi, and Yahiko. Added screencaps for several cels that have been up for a while. Also added two group cels to the "Other Characters" section and changed it to Others and Groups.
2/29/00 Just a small update today; I added another Vampire Princess Miyu TV cel, and gave screencaps and updated descriptions to a couple of others.
1/19/00 Put a cel of Utena and Touga together from the TV series up for trade or possibly sale at Keys' Little Cel Shoppe. Thanks, Keys! I'd like to trade it for a decent cel of Utena, or, even better, a cel of Jury. See my Wish List for more stuff I'm looking for.
1/13/00 I joined the Cels Webring, administered by the ever-wonderful Yann Stettler of Animanga. The webring link is at the bottom of my main gallery page.
1/12/00 My first visible update in three months (if anyone's checking), but I've been working on it for quite a while. The "Other Shows" section is the last item left over from my page's earliest incarnation. Back in June or so when I started this gallery (the updates page came later) the backgrounds were black, the titles were in bright non-matching colors, and my cel collection was small enough that my miscellaneous page was accurately titled "Shows with Only One Cel Instead of Two". Now, six months later, my gallery has a (hopefully) more tasteful look, and my collection has expanded quite a bit from its original small cel book. However, my collecting habits are still pretty similar. If I like a show, I want to own a cel or two from it if I can. It would probably be more sensible and economical to only collect from my very favorite shows, but I've always been a bit indecisive. :-) I realized while working on this section that nearly half my collection qualifies as being from "Other Shows" with my current page layout. Thus, my new section has, not five cels, but six pages. Without further ado, I present to you the new and improved Cels from Other Shows. (For a description that covers three months of updates, that wasn't too long, was it? Don't answer that....)
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