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Believe in a miracle, that your wish will come true....

Marmosets and Clamp Campus Detectives

I finally got a marmoset cel! It's so cool! I don't have it up in my gallery yet, but you can see it as my "favorite cel" entry in the JACML member's showcase. (If you're a member of JACML and haven't submitted a favorite cel, you should! And if you're not a member, it's a good list to join for cel announcements.)

If anyone's been wondering, the little monkeys wandering around my gallery are from episode 22 of Clamp Campus Detectives. I've always been fond of marmosets, and the ones in this show are just too cute. There are a bunch of screencaptures from the episode on my Pygmy Marmoset Page.(Warning, that page has spoilers for episode 22.) I now have one marmoset cel, but as you might guess from the marmoset density on my page, I'm still enthusiastically looking for more. They must be out there somewhere! Either cels with both marmosets and humans, or just marmosets alone would be great.

I'm also interested in other nice Clamp Campus Detectives cels. I'm particularly looking for cels of Suoh in his red-and-white baseball uniform, or his Japanese archery uniform. A cel of either the regular or penguin-shaped student council blimp would also be quite cool.

In general, I'm likely to be interested in any "special" CCD cels like OP/ED, oversized, backgrounded, omake, hanken mono (hey, I can dream, can't I?), etc.

Rurouni Kenshin

I'm looking in particular to get one really nice cel of Kenshin, either happy or looking scary and battousai-ish.

I also really want a cel of Kenshin and Kaoru together.

While I'm dreaming, I'd like a nice cel of Hiko Seijuro, and a pony. (Those are separate wishes, though if there were a cel of Hiko with a pony, I'm sure I'd want it.) :-)

Perhaps more realistically, I'm looking for nice cels of Sano, especially with Megumi or Sayo, and Kaoru, especially in her fighting outfit. I'd also like cels of other characters who I don't have yet, and I could stand to have a nicer cel of Misao.

The above were all TV wishes, but I'm also really looking for cels from the OAVs. In particular, I'd love to find cels of Tomoe, Saitoh, and Hiko Seijuro, but I'm also very interested in good Kenshin cels.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena

From the TV series, I'm particularly looking for cels of Arisugawa Jury. She is my favorite Utena character, and one of my all-time favorite anime characters. If only cels of her were a bit easier to find!

I'm also looking for nice cels of Utena; in particular I'd like a really nice close-up face-forward shot of her in any outfit. I'm also looking for cels of her duelling in which she doesn't look too distorted by action, and group cels of her with other characters.

Other characters I'm looking for (should any happen to wander into my price range) include Akio, Dios, and Saionji. I'd love to have more Wakaba, as well as any nice backgrounded cels.

From the movie, I'm once again looking desperately for Jury, but what I particularly want is a nice face-forward shot, preferably fairly close-up (not easy to find given the style of the movie). I'm also looking for a nice cel of Utena with her hair down, a nice Anthy, and any Touga, Miki, Shadow-play Girls, or Saionji.

Rose of Versailles

Sigh...I've gone and fallen in love with another show whose cels are often rare and expensive. How _do_ I do it? :-) I've made a little screencap gallery of the characters to help with telling who's who. In general I realize that Rose of Versailles cels are very prone to line-fading due to their age and the preponderance of yellow and light brown paint colors. I can live with moderate fading, but not the "invisible eyes" sort.

I'm pretty much looking for any of the characters in that gallery, but in particular, I'm looking for good cels of Oscar, especially when she is older, as in the screencap. Any outfit or uniform is good, and group cels of her with Antoinette, André, or Fersen would be great, as would cels of her on a horse, even if they are somewhat distant.

I'm also really looking for nice cels of André, both long-haired and short-haired versions, any outfit.

A nice Fersen cel would be great, even better if he is with Oscar or Antoinette. I'm also looking for Antoinette by herself, but particularly for something nicely close-up, preferably with one of her more elaborate hairstyles.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Another new love, and fortunately a somewhat easier and less expensive one to fulfill, though naturally I'm fond of the most coveted characters. :-) My search is also made more difficult by the fact that as far as I can tell all the cels from the original LoGH OAV series were used as flooring at the studio for several years before being hurled for distance into crowds of ravening fans looking for something to hang in their gym lockers. Possibly this is a slight exaggeration, but I'm not convinced.

Anyway, I am looking first and foremost for cels of Siegfried Kircheis (curly red hair, Galactic Empire). I'd prefer cels from the original OAV series rather than the side stories, but either would be good. I'm especially looking for cels of him with Reinhard von Lohengramm (blonde hair of varying length, Galactic Empire), as well of cels of either/both of them when they were children/young men. I'll try to get some images up for this section soon, but until then Logh.net has a great character guide with thumbnails.

I'm also looking for nice (and as undamaged as possible) cels of Yang Wen-Li (dark blue hair, Free Planets Alliance).

In addition, I'd love to find good cels of Oskar von Reuentahl (dark brown hair, mismatched eyes) and Wolfgang Mittermeyer (orange-blonde hair, blue eyes). Even better if they're together. (I often think LoGH is the pefect ad for yaoi doujinshi. ;-) )

Among the women, I'd like to find cels of Jessica Edwards (shoulder-length curly blonde hair), Reinhard's sister Annerose (long straight blonde hair), and Frederica Greenhill (short blonde hair, Free Planets Alliance).

Besides the above, I'm sort of looking for cels of, well, everyone, :-) with a preference for cels from the original OAV series.

Cowboy Bebop

I'm looking for a nice Spike cel, but I'm really, really looking for a cel of Ein, the dog. Or even a dog of Ein, the dog. Anyone have a superintelligent Pembroke Welsh Corgi for sale? ;-)

A cel from one of the sepia-tone flashback sequences or the "falling out the window" scene from episode 5 would be great, too.

Other Stuff

To try to keep this from getting any longer, here's a few more things I'm looking for:

Irresponsible Captain Tylor: Tylor himself, Dom, TV preferred.

Patlabor: Nagumo, Goto, Kanuka, any version, though something from Patlabor 2 would be way cool.

Fushigi Yuugi TV: Hotohori, Tamahome in his black-and-yellow outfit, Nakago, Tama the cat.

Sailor Moon: Haruka/Sailor Uranus, especially with Michiru/ Sailor Neptune, and _especially_ on, with, or near a motorcycle. Setsuna/Sailor Pluto, any outfit.

Rayearth: Nice OAV Eagle, first-season TV Ferio, first-season TV Umi, group of Magic Knights from TV.

Trigun: Nicholas D. Wolfwood, especially with cross and _especially_ with motorcycle.

You're Under Arrest: OAV cels, especially Natsumi and/or Miyuki.

Kimagure Orange Road: Madoka, Jingoro, Kurumi and Manami. Mainly if something in particular appeals to me.

Animals: Soichiro the dog from Maison Ikkoku, Sano's dog from Rurouni Kenshin, cute monkeys from anywhere.

Motorcycles: The aforementioned Haruka and Wolfwood, plus You're Under Arrest characters, Priss from Bubblegum Crisis OAV, and anyone else with a cool bike.

OK, I think that was quite enough stuff....

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