1999 Updates

10/4/99 Updated my wish list a bit. It still needs some pictures of what I'm looking for.
9/29/99 Started to update the look of the Kimagure Orange Road section, but no marmosets yet. ;-) Added a really nice backgrounded Madoka and a cute Jingoro.
9/28/99 Added navigation links (and marmosets) to the Shoujo Kakumei Utena section. It still needs some more decoration....
9/24/99 Partially finished the update for the Shoujo Kakumei Utena section. Added some new cels, and changed the color scheme. It still needs more decoration, "back" links, and, most importantly, some marmosets!
8/30/99 Added the rest of the missing screencaps to the Clamp Campus Detectives section. Also added two new opening cels, one of Nagisa, one of the CLAMP Fish.
8/29/99 Updated the Akira and Utako section to fill in missing screencaps and add two more cels of Utako, and, most importantly, Utako's nifty hat.
8/24/99 Eek! My poor little site has been "outed" on Chad Kawakami's nifty Internet Guide to Anime Cels. I originally planned to announce it to the world in a couple of weeks, after finishing the seemingly endless process of construction. So, if you're seeing the site now, I apologize for the Other Shows, Utena, and KOR sections and the wish list being graphically inconsistent (and out-of-date). I hope you'll come back to my page in a couple weeks, when I'll be able to fulfill the slogan, "a marmoset on every page!" :-)
8/21/99 Made a Guestbook page and added comments to the Updates page.
8/20/99 Added two new cels to the Himura Kenshin cels section.
8/19/99 Made new design for Clamp Campus Detectives section, and added new cels to it.
7/5/99 Moved new, marmoset-ized front page into place. Finished updated design for Rurouni Kenshin Cels pages. Updated look of "Updates" page.

5/30/99 Added a new cel of Kenshin and a new cel of Megumi to the Rurouni Kenshin Cels page.
5/29/99 Added page for Vampire Princess Miyu cels.
5/27/99 Made titles for Bastard! and Escaflowne sections, made title for new Vampire Princess Miyu section, made small addition to wish list page.
5/25/99 Added three nifty cels Jason gave me for my birthday! They are Allen and his Owl (Escaflowne), Dark Schneider with a great expression (Bastard!), and Sakura with Cerberos (Card Captor Sakura, in the miscellaneous section). Created new sections for Escaflowne and Bastard! and moved their cels out of the miscellaneous section.

Added a cel of Kaoru in fighting mode, a cel of Sano looking angry, and an opening cel of a distant Hiko Seijuro to the Rurouni Kenshin section. Also added a cel of Utena and Touga to the Utena section.

5/26/99 Added comments to the detail pages for all cels, created a wish list, and made a Sano vs. Chicken page.
5/21/99 Started "Updates" page
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