A key cel, from episode 22. Suoh contemplates the mystery of the missing marmosets. It seems fishy that someone should have been able to penetrate Clamp School's amazing security to spirit away the monkeys.

If I might digress for a bit...One of the criticisms I've seen of Clamp Campus Detectives is that the Clamp School's mysterious leadership and constant-surveillance security are creepy. When I think about it, I suppose they are. However, the Clamp School reminds me strongly of stories I used to make up as a little kid, where an ultra-rich yet infinitely-benevolent main character (who was, by the way, a raccoon ^^;) maintained a sort of floating city. He had a security system similar to Clamp School's, but of course it was used only for good, because _he_ was good. In Clamp Campus Detectives I see the same sort of innocent failure to realize that power corrupts, and it's terribly nostalgic. I was a bit sad to have reality intrude in the final six episodes, where we see how Clamp School's surveillance and computer control systems can be used for ill.