From near the very end of episode 26. This description contains SPOILERS.

Well, all's well that end's well, and everything worked out in the end...more or less. I thought Midoh Tomoe's "original personality" was one of the funniest suprises in the show. The entire time she was built up as a goddess of perfection, and then.... :-)

Anyway, now she has taken up housekeeping with Akari's father (and doesn't he luck out, getting his wife back, and reverted to the age when he first met her!). She has just violently dragged Akari out of bed, and asked her to "be cute and call me mama". Akari responds that if Tomoe wants Akari to call her that, she should go back to looking like Akari remembers her. Here Tomoe examines a photo of mother and daughter, and concludes that she looks cuter this way. One can only hope that Kanzaki Daizaemon can work another miracle on her personality. :-)